One of the original NSA CSfC Trusted Integrators

Customer / AO advocate vice NSA CSfC PMO advocate

Quantum Resistant (QR) NSA CSfC Immersion Course

Developing tailored QR NSA CSfC solutions

One of the original NSA Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC) Trusted Integrators and a developer of alternatives to current cybersecurity solutions, KMS is a VOSB that provides Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System-based (JCIDS-based) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E), Information System Security Engineering (ISSE), and DoD and Federal Assessment and Authorization (A&A) services with an emphasis on advancing disruptive technologies and capabilities – such as Quantum Resistant (QR) NSA CSfC Solutions.

Currently, KMS is supporting multiple QR NSA CSfC RDT&E efforts, serving as the customer and Approving Authority (AO) advocate for tailored (AKA ‘extremely deviated’) QR NSA CSfC solutions, and delivering our QR NSA CSfC Immersion Course.

Below is a partial list of KMS's NSA CSfC-related engagements / efforts:

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