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About KMS

Founded in 2008, Key Management Solutions LLC (KMS) is a veteran-owned small business (VOSB) and Non-Traditional Defense Contractor (NTDC) that advances and operationalizes disruptive technologies and capabilities.

Many, if not most, ‘positively disruptive’ technologies and capabilities evolve in a vacuum, support a narrow user set, fail to research and include higher-level authorities and requirements of the interfacing technologies/ capabilities that they draw from/feed, and eventually force themselves upon a larger user community that is not interested or, more often, overtly resistant to the changes being introduced. Also, and although well intended, the eventual, forced ‘integration’ of a disruptive technology or capability may be perceived by affected outsiders as overkill if a less invasive and disruptive ‘alignment’ or ‘synchronization’ approach would be sufficient for transition and operationalization. Without a methodical, all-encompassing approach to develop and deliver technologies and capabilities, community resistance will ultimately minimize – if not fully negate – the positive effects that could be provided.

To address this problem, KMS operates at the US/NATO/Coalition Headquarter, Service, Command level to advance disruptive material and non-material technologies and capabilities. Leveraging proven DoD best practices, KMS employs an Alignment, Synchronization and Integration Framework to advance (expedite delivery and optimize effectiveness from a broader community perspective) ‘positively disruptive’ technologies and capabilities.

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